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Megan McCarthy King

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Meet Megan McCarthy King for Superior Court

Deputy District Attorney Megan McCarthy King began her career protecting the most vulnerable as an Assistant District Attorney in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office where she supervised the Child Abuse Unit — an office where the worst of the human condition was met with tough justice for offenders and hope for victims. Megan later led a county-wide initiative to combat elder abuse, including financial exploitation schemes.

As Deputy District Attorney in Chester County, Megan has served as Supervisor and Deputy District Attorney of the Child Abuse and Elder Abuse units. She has successfully prosecuted homicides, sexual and physical assaults, and taken on increasingly complex schemes to defraud seniors. In recognition of Megan’s accomplishments, she was the only Pennsylvania prosecutor to receive the 2018 Blue Ribbon Champion for Safe Kids Award from the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, the state leader in child protection. She also has experience in clerking for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas Saylor.



Megan King
PA Bar Association Rating: Recommended

The candidate began her legal career in 1996 with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office where she focused on cases involving child abuse. The candidate then clerked for Justice Thomas Saylor of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 1999 to 2001. In 2012, the candidate returned to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office where she was integral in leading the Elder Abuse Unit and in maintaining duties in the Child Abuse Unit. In 2015, the candidate began working as the deputy district attorney in the Child Abuse Unit in Chester County. The candidate has extensive criminal trial experience. She is described by attorneys and judges as intelligent, articulate, fair, well prepared and diligent. In addition to her legal experience, she is involved in several charitable organizations. The commission finds that the candidate possesses the legal ability, experience, integrity and judicial temperament to perform satisfactorily as a judge of the Superior Court and recommends her candidacy.